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I följande länk kan ni höra Sveriges radio P4 intervjua Richard:


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We at Isdimma just want to wish you all a calm and warm holiday. We have had our very first x-mas at our new resident in the Swedish lappland and things are slowly falling in place. There was a long time since we last wrote but hopefully soon we will manage to update you on our lives up north, until then; May snow bless you all and the trail lead you right!

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There is a new video to watch on our Youtube-page. The first run on snow for the season :) Just follow the link below:





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This blog entry will not focus on what it should be focused on. Our son Hugo always, or when he´s not at school, join me when training the dogs. He is so perfect with the dogs and he knows so much already about what to do when hooking up a team or while we are running. But I will soon come back with a blog-entry about our special Hugo and beloved son :)

This run, offcourse hugo joined me, we took our "old" route along the mainroad but further down the woods down to the lake called Mälaren wich se a really beautiful landscape in this area of Swden. It stretches all over this area and creates myriads of islands for people to investigate. The Swedish "skärgård" is famous for its beauty and alot of tourists visit them all year round (mainly by boat trips during summer).

The dogs worked perfectly over hills and downhills. The little ones seem to like the work more and more. Vixen surprise me so much, she is the absolute smallest in the pak but she has such a drive and ethic. When we rest or before start she just lay down and waits, so cute! Mistaya ran lead with Denahi wich is a perfect match. Hanwi ran point with Donder and i can tell she disliked that she wasn´t upfront and did an average kind of effort this day.

After the run Comet was a bit tired and spent some time with us - wich we dont bother :) He is such a driven young guy and heworks his butt off. He is one that we give more resting days according to that.

Here is some pictures from the run:


Hugo makes sure the team are fine :)



Look at Comet and Vixen. Perhaps the biggest boy in the litter beside the smallest female in the litter, quite a difference ?? :)

team profile 2

The team anxious to go!


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On saturday we had an event with the youngsters. Sara, Ingelas sister helped us to train the youngsters in the show ring since she will handle for or had a wish to show Comet in Arboga later this fall.


The young dudes did pretty well and so did the humans. Can tell you that it is quite a strive to run for that long with several dogs :) One thing is in the ring, then its only a few laps and its over, but when training its more intense both for the dogs and the 2 legged followers :)

Here are som pictures from yesterday:

vixen showtraining

Above, happy Vixen :)

comet showtraining


Dancer showtraining


Donder showtrining


But today we will focus on running!

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Yesterday was quite a funny experience. I took 9 dogs out for the first time, or me driving a 9 dog team for the first time. The funny thing is that it should not have been any problems BUT 4 of the females was in heat and 2 of them in heat of the heat :)


I left on this adventure alone in the dark with my furry friends. It all started perfectly! the first 2 km they ran in perfect formation and worked really well. Then the problem started. We came to the place where we use to turn around and go back. Brimer started to refuse to listen to me and he was more interested in summer who ran in point. When I told him to look forward and concentrate on other more important things; he tried to turn the team home before I turned the ATV properly. This procedure continued for a long time. After alot of struggling, some tangles and confusion we finally set of back on the road. When we got to the point where we use to hit in to the forrest Brimer thought we should turn right and not continue forward. So again I needed to convince him that was the wrong way, he was really stubborn but finally he understood. He is such a great boy and this is only his third time in lead and first time with a bigger team. He will be really interesting to follow in the future.


After we struggled out of the second argue we headed towards our house. Now Brimer wanted to turn left and go home. Again I had to convince him that forward was the right decision. It became easier and easier for every confusion turn and on the last one its a loop at the old cottage BUT we can also continue forward onto the woods and the maintrails on our longer trips. Brimer ofcourse wanted to go into the woods :) But I only had to jump of the ATV once that time, he was willing to listen to me quite fast.


Conclusion: After all this was a GREAT run. A run where Brimer learned that I´m in command (or hopefully) and a run wher i learned the difference between a 6-dog tam and a 9 dog team.


Here is the constellation (a little bit dark)

training team

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Got great news from Niklas who owns Blitzen this morning. Blitzen became BIR in the junior class and this makes us really proud. She has won alot of success earlier togheter with Niklas. We were not able to make it ti the show unfortunately. Next year we will be back on track.

Blitzen is from our "Reindeer" litter out of Denahi and North Wapitis Captain Canuck. W are really happy with this litter and they are developing so nice our small friends. Thanx to Katerina and Jachym we now have our small and pretty friends.


Here is a picture of Blitzen from earlier this summer:


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For those who havent noticed we now have a channel on YouTube. Here we will upload funny, silly or just ordinary mushing videos to share our life with the dogs to people who finds it interesting.

We recently uploaded a couple of shoots from the kennels, but also from a training run with the girl-puppies. Click on the logo to view our videos:




Yoyuwill also find the thumbnail and link in the list on the right of our startpage. Just click the loggo.

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Finally the temperature is dropping to a level when we can train the dogs infront of the ATV. It´s been a hot and long summer but also needed and awaited one for the furry athletes. We have been working on our grand project " moving up north" so there´s been a really calm summer for the dogs with only one show. But they be back next year hopefylly.


This season will be really exciting in many ways. We -as I mentioned - are planning to move up north with kids and dogs. We actually been lokking at the possibility for over 2 years now and felt it coming now when we found th residence in Sörbyn.


Another exciting thing about this season is that we also have 5 "pupps" to train and learn the thing in the team. We have already been out a couple of times and they all are doing well so far.

Vixen is the most timid of the 5 and she is a calm little girl in the team. She stretch the line all the time so i think this little girl will be a really interesting girl in the future.


Dancer is the most energetic in the team togheter with Don. She pulls frenetic but wants to go backwards when stopping the team. Well, there are alot of time for her to understand that it´s forward and forward only.


Donder works frequently steady. He seems to enjoy the work without any strong feelings. Will be interesting to follow this charmer. the lines are stretched and the forever lasting smile on Don´s face is there to remind us of why we are doing this.


Comet is so strong already! perhaps the best of the four "reindeers" He pulls all the way and smiles at the breaks. His inly bad habbit is that he bites the necklines, but this is a small problem :)


Summer This little princess is so calm and soft. But putting a harness on her and she pulls! She is disciplined and she likes to make the human happy. Will be so much fun this winter togheter with our litle talkative girl.



This was a little report from us for now. The plan is to get this blog going more frequently, so stay tuned!

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We brought Donder, Vixen, Summer and Hanwi with us to Norberg for a show day in Norberg- judged by Lennart Edberg. It went really well, our puppies did really great in the ring and got some fantastic response from the judge. Unfortunately we missed the final where donder would be competing in BIS - puppy :( . Really silly...


Here is the results from the day:


Donder - 1st price with HP and BIR

Vixen -   1st price with HP and BIM (opposite)

Summer- 1st price with HP

Hanwi  - 1st price with CK and placed 4th of the bitches.


Will be cool to follow their progress and it´s so exciting to see the development in this "Reindeer" litter. Longing for the fall-training and the short runs with the lively ones.

Summer is one hell of a girl! She has been trying som harness experience infront of a tire attached to a tugline wich went perfectly amazing. She never hesitated a second.

Hanwi - our black pearl - is developing innto a really astonishing sleddog. She is a leader with loks that melts hearts. Her CK was well deserved and after the many miles this winter infront of the sled she really proves she is something to count on in the future.

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