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"Icefog can be between 10 and 20 feet high and cover the ground over long distances. It makes an Ghoul realm in which crystals shimmer and float in the air as clouds of diamond dust, which is set in motion as soon as a gust of wind or living creature moves through it. If a musher have ended up in such a fog, he can only feel his way over the trail. He has no way to determine how far he has been on the trail or in which direction he goes. In this dense mist, where he can no longer distinguish a familiar trail that gives him a foothold in reality, it happens easily that he was overwhelmed by despair ..."
-from the book "The Cruelest Miles, The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic" By G. Salisbury and L. Salisbury


We are Siberian Husky admirers

located in Sörbyn- Norrbotten, lappland. Here we can live our dream with our beloved furry friends. We have the ambition to breed and socialize with typewise Siberian Huskies that both are exterior attractive and work good in harness. For us it´s important that the dogs look like and act like a Siberian Husky "in our eyes" therefor we choose studmales and plan litters carefully. We set goals in several years ahead and following the pattern relentlessly.

There are many looks and apperence in the breed and we have fallen for lines of North Wapiti, Anadyr, Vargevass Nymånen. This choice we made both for the appereance of the dogs and their head. We find it very important that the dogs is easy to socialize and well behaved in that mather. Our dogs grows up with small children, frequently kept inside to get the ensemble to humans and mentally stimulated not only infront of a sled! Of course we tests our dogs in harness, that´s the main reason why we have this type of breed! We only run recreational turns with our dogs and have no plans to race them right now. We find it more important to spend time with and shape a great friend and a perfect partnership in our dogs. We feel very priviliged that we can interact with this lovely breed that Sibes really are!

Hope you find this place interesting and that you will return and follow our progress in the world of Siberian Husky!



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